File control

A very simple plug-out defined in C++ to control the project files with CVS, Subversion, Clear Case or other file controller, doing the check in / out on the appropriate files.

This plug-out asks for the command to be made on each file. The command is executed through the function system, don't forget to give the option -nc for Clear Case. Of course in case you don't use a file control you may use this plug-out to set the file permissions using chmod in the commands under Linux etc ...

The first parameter of the plug-out must be ci or co to know what must be done, this means that the plug-out is configured two times, for instance like this :

When it is applied to a the project or an other package it ask you for the command (proposing the last used one) :

When you just want to change the write permissions using chmod under Linux, the check in command is chmod -w %dir/%file and the check out command is chmod +w %dir/%file

Note : the file permissions are set when a project is read, you must re-read a project to force Bouml to know the new ones.

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