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interface dependencies in component diagrams black-box view

PostPosted: Mon 29 Sep 2014 21:38
by adi
Looks like BOUML provides a nice interface for component diagrams with assembly connectors in black-box view. I wonder if there is a way to represent these component dependencies trough interfaces. I am able to place component symbols in a component diagram but don't see any way to place interface symbols and link them with inheritance or dependency arrows.
Also, it is there any way to show a component with an artifact compartment, besides provided interfaces and required interfaces compartments?

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Re: interface dependencies in component diagrams black-box v

PostPosted: Tue 30 Sep 2014 12:19
by Bruno Pagès
I am not sure to understand what you expect.

Component and artifact diagrams do not allow to represent classes (out of hack using picture insertion)

The drawing setting "show required/provided interfaces" and "show realizations" allow to show expected compartments both in component and artifact diagrams