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CmdLine-Possibilities ?

PostPosted: Mon 19 Mar 2018 11:05
by NomisEgnal

we would like to call some tool-activities inside BoUML by cmdline-calls inside a bat.

I mean f.e.:

->"Reverse engeneering"
->"HTML doc flat"

Think these are calls to *.exe also inside BoUML ? Is there a descriptions of the cmdline-arguments of these tools somewhere ?

best regards


Re: CmdLine-Possibilities ?

PostPosted: Mon 19 Mar 2018 13:15
by Bruno Pagès

The tools ("plug-out") must be called by bouml itself because one of the argument is the port to use for the TCP/IP socket whose server is bouml

If you want to apply one or several plug-outs from bouml as a bat file you have ... to write a dedicated a plug-out ;)
To apply a plug-out on an element (instance of a class inheriting UmlBaseItem) just use the operation apply whose parameter is a string whose must contains the path of the executable optionally followed by options (the port number will be added by bouml). I just see the description of apply contains an error, please read isToolRunning rather than isToolDone.

As you can see in the documentation about plug-outs you can also apply a plug-out when starting bouml.

The possible options a plug-out supports are given in the dedicated chapter of the documentation, typically the code generators don't have options

Best regards