Reverse engeneering C++

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Reverse engeneering C++

Postby NomisEgnal » Fri 21 Feb 2020 15:27

hi all,
reverse engeneering of existing code is working fine. but I have problems if the class-declaration inscludes export/import - declaration on WIN. I mean:

If the class is:

* @brief A specialized QwtPlotZoomer
class LIB_EXPORTSYMBOL QwtxPlotZoomer : public QwtPlotZoomer {
it isnt worked an imported.

class QwtxPlotZoomer : public QwtPlotZoomer {
works fine. Is there a workaround ?

Thanks and best regards

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Re: Reverse engeneering C++

Postby Bruno Pagès » Fri 21 Feb 2020 17:07


Yes you have a workaround to remove the unexpected (I mean not part of C++) symbol LIB_EXPORTSYMBOL, this is explained at the end of the chapter c++ reverse of the reference manual

In your case you just want to forget the symbol, so to replace it by nothing, so create a file containing one line being LIB_EXPORTSYMBOL more additional lines in case you have other symbols to remove / substitute, and edit the element representing the project (the very first element in the browser) and through the tab Properties add the key #file and set its value to the absolute path of the file containing (at least) the line LIB_EXPORTSYMBOL

Then redo the reverse after you deleted the classes/artifacts already created by the reverse, or try a roundtrip

Kind regards
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Re: Reverse engeneering C++

Postby NomisEgnal » Tue 25 Feb 2020 18:09

Hi Bruno,

works fine - thank you.

Best regards

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