Double click on .prj file fails - no license

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Double click on .prj file fails - no license

Postby thomas.beale » Mon 20 May 2013 06:53

Version 6.4.6 on Windows 7.
When I double click on a .prj file, BOUML shows the dialog box 'you don't have a license ...'. I do have a license, and if I start BOUML from the 'Start' button, it starts normally, and I can open the .prj file.
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Re: Double click on .prj file fails - no license

Postby Bruno Pagès » Mon 20 May 2013 09:17

When you start Bouml using the desktop shortcut the current directory is changed to the install directory, allowing Bouml to find the license file.
When you double click on a .prj file you start Bouml without setting the current directory to the install directory, and Bouml can't find the license file.
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