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XMI comment generation

PostPosted: Tue 7 Apr 2015 19:52
by thomas.beale
I think the comment generation from BOUML may be wrong. The model we defined in BOUML and exported had XMI like below. There is one sample of class from "Release_102::org::openehr::rm::ehr_extract" package. The owned Comment is just inner element but it does not annotate class. Such comment is not a documentation.

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<packagedElement xmi:type='uml:Class' xmi:id='BOUML_0x27182_4' name='EXTRACT_CHAPTER' visibility='package'>
         <ownedComment xmi:type='uml:Comment' xmi:id='COMMENT_506' body='One content chapter of an Extract; contains information relating to only one entity.'/>
          <generalization xmi:type='uml:Generalization' xmi:id='BOUML_0x2bb02_0' general='BOUML_0x1f682_4'/>
          <ownedAttribute xmi:type='uml:Property' xmi:id='BOUML_0x29b82_0' name='items' visibility='public' type='BOUML_0x27302_4' association='BOUML_ASSOC_0x29b82_0'>
                 <ownedComment xmi:type='uml:Comment' xmi:id='COMMENT_507' body='The information content of this chapter.'/>
                 <lowerValue xmi:type='uml:LiteralString' xmi:id='BOUML_MULTIPLICITY_L_0x29b82_0' value='*'/>
                 <upperValue xmi:type='uml:LiteralString' xmi:id='BOUML_MULTIPLICITY_U_0x29b82_0' value='*'/>

In the corrected case below, class has inner comment and inner comment sets class as annotatedElement.

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     <packagedElement xmi:type='uml:Class' xmi:id='BOUML_0x1ff02_4' name='PARTY_SELF' visibility='package'>
          <ownedComment xmi:type='uml:Comment' xmi:id='_18_1_83e026d_1424861995349_946692_4495' body='Party proxy representing the subject of the record. Used to indicate that  the party is the owner of the record. May or may not have external_ref set. '>
                 <annotatedElement xmi:idref='BOUML_0x1ff02_4'/>
          <generalization xmi:type='uml:Generalization' xmi:id='BOUML_0x1f682_0' general='BOUML_0x1fe02_4'/>

Re: XMI comment generation

PostPosted: Wed 8 Apr 2015 12:08
by Bruno Pagès
As I can understand annotatedElement exists to allow a given comment to comment several elements, the day we will see that case or a comment not owned by its annotated element the pigs will fly ;)

Anyway I will manage annotatedElement :roll:

Re: XMI comment generation

PostPosted: Fri 10 Apr 2015 09:50
by Bruno Pagès
you can get in advance to fix that problem, the 6.8.4 will be officially delivered soon when I will finish to make the packages for Linux

Re: XMI comment generation

PostPosted: Sat 11 Apr 2015 04:22
by Bruno Pagès
The release 6.8.4 is available with the new XMI generation/import for comments