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Class Context Menu

PostPosted: Wed 8 Jun 2016 13:20
by parodid
Dear Mr. Pàges,

in version 6.11.1 of your BOUML tool the "Create Source Artifact" menu item in no more present.
Could you, please, restore it?



Re: Class Context Menu

PostPosted: Wed 8 Jun 2016 17:01
by Bruno Pagès
Dear D.Parodi,

Independently of the fact nothing was changed in the 6.11.1 concerning the context menu of a class, for me all is ok

Having that configuration :
art1.png (45.71 KiB) Viewed 3497 times

The creation of the source artifact is proposed at class level when the container class view has an associated deployment view and of course when the class is not already managed by an artifact (scroll the image if needed to see the menu entry) :
art3.png (32.36 KiB) Viewed 3497 times

May be you are in a case where the container class view doesn't have an associated deployment view like that :
art2.png (31.03 KiB) Viewed 3497 times

Best regards,

Re: Class Context Menu

PostPosted: Tue 12 Jul 2016 07:14
by parodid
My fault. Sorry.

Best regards