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source code generation

Postby zygaszewski » Fri 24 Aug 2012 09:51


One more question. Is it possible to generate source from activity diagrams ? I would like to compare Bouml with Enterprise Architect that I am using now. EA has many features which I do not need and is expensive but It has a very useful feature. You can generate code from an activity diagram and from an interaction diagram.
By the way, in my opinion if you add objective-C to Bouml it will be very important for many users. EA does not handle objective-C.

Tomasz Zygaszewski
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Re: source code generation

Postby Bruno Pagès » Fri 24 Aug 2012 22:16


Currently I don't have code generation from an activity, but like for the other modeled elements the definition of the activities are accessible (and modifiable) through a plug-out, so code generation from an activity can be done by a plug-out, directly like for the classes or may be indirectly like for the state machines. Let's note that like for the state machines the elements of the activities allow to enter a definition in C++ or Java, enforcing the fact you can generate code in C++ and Java.

The situation of the interactions is different because in fact they are not 'really' part of the model, I mean if you look at the plug-out API (metamodel) you will not see them. The XMI generator produces interactions, but in fact it 'creates/computes' them from a sequence/communication diagrams. However code generation can also be done from them, even this is a little bit more 'artificial'.

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