Grouping class methods visually

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Grouping class methods visually

Postby kikeenrique » Thu 11 Oct 2018 00:06


I would like to propose an improvement for the class diagrams, etc.
Currently, I'm modelling objective-C/swift as if it were the c++ language. Most things are easy to model, but, others are not. Those languages have a "Extension" feature, that lets you, let's say, add methods in different locations/files that get added to the main class.

As asking for new languages will mean a lot of work, it would be interesting any workaround to be more productive while modelling in this languages.

My proposal is to be able to create groups, to allow to show grouped methods with a different visual look on the diagram

Regards and thanks for all the work.
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Re: Grouping class methods visually

Postby Bruno Pagès » Thu 11 Oct 2018 08:24


When I look at it seems the best way to model an extension in UML is to use a class stereotyped "extension" (part or not of a profile).

After you have several possibilities to use a different look for them
  • may be just the stereotype written in the class representation is enough
  • you can also use a different color for them (you have to set the color by hand)
  • if the stereotype is part of a profile and an icon is associated to that stereotype, that icon will be automatically used in the class diagrams for the classes stereotypes by that stereotype while their drawing mode is"natural" (default value)
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