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Bouml 7.0 packaged / distributed again for Debian and Ubuntu

PostPosted: Sat 10 Jun 2017 17:49
by Bruno Pag├Ęs
Recently Debian and Ubuntu changed their requirement about the digest-algo, in the past I used the default SHA-1 algo but now in the best case this produces a warning and in the worst an error and it is not possible to install Bouml

So I moved from SHA1 to SHA256 for Bouml 7.0 and I made and distributed again the Debian and Ubuntu repositories

If you had warning or error about SHA1 when installing the 7.0, just do [sudo] apt-get update, then if the 7.0 wasn't installed because of an error [sudo] apt-get install bouml

Note : the 7.0 use the new repositories free rather than non-free, please refer to previous messages to change it or refer to